Open Play

                  Our facility is open for everyone who wants to have lots of fun.                      We are open 7 days a week!

*Socks are required for all individuals who will be playing on the equipment.

**It is recommended you wear long pants and long sleeves to avoid slide burns (not required).

Play area may be reserved for a private party.
Please call us or check the Open Play calendar for Open Play Time hours.

  • Please check the calendar or call us for available open play time.
  • Admission fee per session:
    • $12.00 for each child (1-17 years old).
    • 1 free adult or under age 1 per paying child. Additional adults or under age 1 is $5 each.
  • We can accommodate large groups for private events (please call for more information).
  • We DO NOT allow B-Day parties of any sort during our open play times.  Please be considerate to other open play patrons and follow this rule.
  • Our weekend availability is VERY LIMITED due to private parties.  Please check out our open play calendar for availability.
  • We are usually very busy during holidays/non school days.  We limit the number of children in our facility to 100.  We will then start a wait list.  We are unable to give our wait-list patrons an accurate estimate of how long the wait would be.
  • No shoes or bare feet/nylon stockings are allowed in the playground. Socks are required for everyone (including adults) and are available for purchase if needed($2.50 + tax).
  • We do not allow any outside food in our playrooms during open play. 
  • There is no water fountain available at the facility.  We do offer a vending machine to purchase water or you are welcome to bring your own drinks. (cannot be open containers/cups.  Must have a sealed lid).
  • Please clean up after yourselves during open play time.
  • NO glass containers.
  • NO rough play allowed.
  • NO cakes or cupcakes allowed during open play hours.
  • NO children may be dropped off at the facility.
  • Open Play sessions may be canceled if play area is reserved for a private party. Please check our website’s open play calendar to ensure we are open to the public on the day of your desired visit.
  • It is recommended you wear long pants and long sleeves to avoid slide burns (not required).

Diaper Policy

Children must be dressed in clean dry clothing while playing on the playground. Diapers must be covered with pants, shorts or a diaper cover. Please bring extra diapers/clothing with you so you will be prepared for any situation/accident. If any “accident” does happen, please notify front desk immediately. We strive to maintain a clean and sanitary facility.